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About Us


Composite is a well-established cooperative that has been operating since 1968. We were founded by a group of draper stores wanting to utilise their collective buying power to negotiate the best deals for their members. 50 years later this philosophy is still at the heart for the business. We have the collective buying power of over 200 stores through 8 divisions throughout New Zealand.

2018 sees Composite celebrate our 50th year with a range of activities for members and suppliers planned.

Business Overview

Composite Retail Cooperative is one of New Zealand’s largest independent retail cooperatives. That means our members aren’t part of some massive and impersonal chain, they’re all independently owned and operated unique relationships in the local community.

  • 100% New Zealand owned and operated
  • 100% Cooperative

For our members' customers it means that they get all the benefits of dealing with a local business while enjoying the perks of great prices and the broad product range of a nationally operated business. We provide the range and diversity you need for your retail business, as well as the service and local experience that only our team can deliver.

Why choose to belong to Composite Retail Cooperative?

The key benefit to our members is the total commitment to reducing costs in supply.
"We are totally focused on the supply chain for our members and are fanatical about finding members new, better, different stuff at a great price; reducing complexity of supply and cutting costs."

Vision, Mission and Values


To be the heartbeat of independent retail in New Zealand.


To source and supply better for our members, all year, every year


Better Together

The way we work together is inclusive with others including staff, suppliers and members all teaming up to provide better tools and outcomes for all Composite Retail Cooperative stakeholders.

Board of Directors

Composite has 7 board members, 6 of whom are members with one independent director. Members stand for a 3 year term and go through a process of re-election at the AGM each year. At Composite we work with members who are interested in board governance and compliance and have a development pathway if they wish to seek election.

Darrell Smith - Chairman


In 2010 I returned home after 20 years working overseas in the telecommunications and software industries. My wife, Keryn and I decided a change of lifestyle was in order so we purchased a menswear retail business on our return. In the 9 years we have owned the business we have moved to the three shop model covering the ladies, men’s and school uniform sales. Composite has paid a significant role in this growth especially in the school uniform business. I was elected to the Composite board of directors 2010 as the men’s wear director and have been on the board since spending the last few years as chairman.

Craig Taylor


I have been managing director of the family’s footwear business, Taylors…we love shoes, for the past 44 years. My business was the first South Island member of the footwear division of Composite, joining in 1979 and I have been a director representing that division of Composite for the past 25 years. With my father having started our family business 70 years ago I feel sure I definitely have footwear in my blood.

Wendy Kennard-Gooch


I have been the co-owner of Sassys Limited for the last 15 years. Sassys has 3 Women’s Fashion Retail Stores, two located in Christchurch and one in Richmond, Nelson. Sassys Ltd has been a long standing member of the Composite Retail Co-Operative. As current owners we joined CRC in 2003, and in recent years I have been actively involved with various panels and on the Board.

Mark McNaughten


I am Partner and General Manager of Homeward Interiors Te Awamutu and have been with the company for 25 years. I have 28 years’ experience in the furniture and flooring industries. I currently sit on the Te Awamutu Sports rugby committee and the Club’s board. Outside of work married to Bev with two adult children. I enjoy travelling, sports and time with family.

Lyn Harvey


I am a lifelong retail fanatic – with a special love of department store retailing. My career in retail started in California and continued when I moved to New Zealand 22 years ago. Being a Sales and Merchandise Manager across a multi- site department store business for the last 18 years in NZ has given me the opportunity to work with an extensive range of suppliers and retailers. My background includes store design, merchandising and marketing. I enjoy being a part of Composite and giving back to the retailers and suppliers who support Composite I have too many favourite brands to name, but I’m always in search of new and innovative products and brands.

Roy Clements

Independent Director

I am an independent Director with a career background in retailing and distribution to the retail sector at senior management level. I recognise that independent retailers need to be given every opportunity to compete by providing them with group buying, local and international sourcing, networking, IT support and the many other things that large competitors have in their own back offices.

Division Panel Experts

Key divisions have a panel group to represent the unique interests of that division within the Composite Team. The Divisional Panel is reviewed annually and meets up to 4 times a year to decide product development, supply relationships and any strategic issues for the division.

Support Office Team

Ian Caulfield

  • I’m responsible for the overall performance of Composite
  • I’ve worked in similar roles for 23 years and joined Composite in 2009
  • My favourite Composite product is my London Fog overcoat that keeps me warm on a cold winters morning.

Ann Marie Wood

Executive Assistant
  • Executive Assistant providing executive support to the CEO and ensuring the smooth operation of support office
  • Previous experience in New Zealand and London before joining Composite at the time of their move to the North Shore in the late 90s
  • Favourite products are Composite’s Democracy and Zoe labels for great styling as well as Classified jeans which are an awesome fit

Melanie Brown

Manager - Product & Logistics
  • I manage the product development process of private label and distributorships, delivering product with a strong focus on meeting members’ requirements for quality, aesthetics and profitability.
  • I have spent 10 years in retail management in the UK and NZ and a further 10 years as a buyer in New Zealand which has given me great knowledge in the retail area.
  • I have had experience in all areas of product – Menswear Ladieswear and Childrenswear, my favourite is designing the Ladies private label and the challenges it brings.

Russell Taylor

Relationship Manager
  • I am the Relationship Manager responsible for managing the relationships between members, suppliers and Composite, with an outlook to add value in all areas.
  • I’ve been involved with sales and customer service roles in South Africa and New Zealand over the last 25 years.
  • I joined Composite in July 2018 and work across all retail divisions.

Suzanne Simpson

  • 21 years with Composite
  • Favourite product is Democracy label

Julie Thompson

Accounts Officer
  • 14 Years with Composite
  • Favourite product is Democracy label

Jenny Kitson

Relationship Assistant
  • 3 ½ years at Composite as Apparel/Footwear/Flooring Coordinator
  • I love the Composite clothing brands especially the new Zoe label. Away from work I like to spend the weekends outdoors seeking new adventures and exploring NZ

Sonya Lowther

Product & Logistics Administrator
  • Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Stock Management, Shipping, Logistics, Liaising with Overseas Suppliers, Pricing
  • 4yrs 4 months with Composite
  • My favourite product is the Ashley Lounge Suite

James Peng

Products & Logistics Administrator
  • In my previous role I was responsible for inventory management and administration. I get satisfaction from doing a job well with accuracy and attention to detail.
  • I took up my position with Composite in March 2019 and look forward to getting to know members and suppliers in my role as product and logistics administrator responsible for Menswear, Footwear and Schoolwear.

Tracy Duke

Product & Logistics Administrator
  • I joined Composite in July 2019 as Product & Logistics administrator and will be responsible for Womenswear. I am excited about my role and look forward to working with members and suppliers.
  • My background is in the Garment industry and I have 24 years’ experience ranging from Sales , Assistant Merchandising to Production/ Logistics/ Warehousing and Shipping administration.

Yvette Peddie

Garment Designer
  • As Garment Designer, I am responsible for the creative direction of private labels Democracy and Zoe as well as overseeing the design team.
  • I have over 30 years’ experience in Production and Design roles in both South Africa and New Zealand

Deborah Phillipp

Garment/Production Technician
  • Over 40 years’ experience
  • Loving my Zoe sergeant stripe sweat Z116

Private Label

Composite constantly looks for ways to add value to our members' businesses and supply chain. We have several Private Labels through our apparel and footwear divisions. We work with our Divisional Panel to develop product that creates real value for your business with exclusive designs at competitive prices.

Composite Private Labels:

Composite acts as the distributor for over 20 brands; ensuring our members get the right product at the right price.

Blue Horizon

About Us

Composite is a well-established cooperative that has been operating since 1968. We were founded by a group of draper stores wanting to utilise their collective buying power to negotiate the best deals for their members. 50 years later this philosophy is still at the heart for the business. We have the collective buying power of over 200 stores through 8 divisions throughout New Zealand.

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